30 Day reading Challenge – Day 21

Day 21 – Favourite book from your childhood

When I was younger I was absolutely obsessed by anything Jacqueline Wilson wrote. Every time she released a new book I was at the shop snatching it up because I loved her stories. One book I especially remember loving by her is her autobiographical book Jackie Daydream. I loved reading about her childhood and post-WWII England, it was really interesting and I still have it on my bookcase today. I even named my hamster Pearl after the main character from My Sister Jodie (I still have her and every time somebody asks about her name I resist my inner twelve year old☺️). I definitely recommend reading any of her books (no matter what age) as they really impacted my childhood and I’ll never forget any of the stories.



2 thoughts on “30 Day reading Challenge – Day 21

  1. Anastasia says:

    Haha, my friend/classmate introduced me to Jacqueline Wilson, I was thrilled because I never would have found it myself because at that time I didn’t read “girly books” and it looked like super girly to me. Glad I decided to read her books though, big fan 😀

    • readrantreview says:

      They are really great books and I’m a huge fan too. I’ve given some of mine to a family friends niece to read because she loves Jacqueline Wilson and shes around the age I was when I first read the books. I’m really glad I read them too 🙂

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