30 Day Reading Challenge – Day 25

Day 25 – Favourite book you read in school

We didn’t actually read too many assigned books in school other than the typical GCSE books and out of the ones we had to read I’d have to choose Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. We read it so many times that I think it’s the only option. It was a really good book and recently my views on some of the characters have changed and I have a new perspective on how I view the book and I may have to read it again soon in a new light. It’s also a really controversial book and I completely understand why and I remember discussing the underlying problems in the book during my class. It’s a very interesting read though and I’d definitely recommend it to anybody interested in reading some of Steinbeck’s work.



2 thoughts on “30 Day Reading Challenge – Day 25

  1. swongs1126 says:

    It’s fun when having lesson on reading Macbeth/A Christmas Carol/Of Mice and Men, our teacher would play us a video tape on the adapted versions of them! TV time!

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