Blog Tour/Review – Sherlock Holmes and the Disappearing Diamond by Sam Hearn


Sherlock Holmes and the Disappearing Diamond by Sam Hearn
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ | 4 Star Rating
Goodreads | Book Depository | Author’s Site
Published by Scholastic – Out Now! 
This book was sent to me for review as part of a blog tour.

John Watson has barely settled into his new school, Baker Street Academy, when his teacher announces a trip to one of London’s top museums, home to the world’s most famous jewel. But it’s been stolen! When police catch the thief it seems the case is closed. Can Sherlock Holmes uncover the mystery behind this extraordinary gem?

Sherlock Holmes and the Disappearing Diamond makes a much loved classic story readily accessible to a new generation. The story begins with a young John Watson moving to a new school called Baker Street Academy and befriending two fellow students Martha Hudson and Sherlock Holmes. Obviously a mystery needs solving but that is only one of the most interesting things about this book (though it is very interesting), a really compelling part of the story is the layout. The story is told in mixed media format, some parts of the story are told in blog entries, others in comic format and some are just different articles involving the mysterious diamond case. There are different styles and tid bits to discover on each page and I really liked it.

I especially loved how fun this book was and I can imagine it will be very popular among young children and it’ll probably create a new generation of Sherlock Holmes fans. The art is fun, the writing is fun and even the style of the book is fun. It’s just a really entertaining story. I love the modernisation of the Holmes story and how Sam Hearn brought new and exciting things to the classic lore to entertain the readers. It won’t only entertain children though, I reckon a lot of older fans will enjoy the story too as it frequently references the original ACD canon and fan favourite characters such as James Moriarty make appearances. It’s just a really quirky and lovely book and I definitely recommend picking it up for yourself or a younger reader.

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