30 Day Reading Challenge – Day 4

Day 4 – Favorite book of your favorite series:

As I said on my ‘Day 3’ post, my favourite series would probably have to be the ‘His Dark Materials’ series, (though this my change later on in my life, I still love it) and my favourite book out of that series would have to be Northern Lights. I just loved how the focus was on Lyra (who was one of my favourite characters) which sort of changed in the later books and I also really enjoyed the introduction to this whole universe that Philip Pullman had created. I think I may reread it soon 🙂

Northern light


30 Day Reading Challenge – Day 3

Day 3 – Favourite Series

This was so hard since there are so many that I’ve loved but I remember being obsessed with the ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy by Philip Pullman when I was around 12/13 and I literally bought a new copy a few days ago. I think it was my first real introduction to fantasy/world building and I loved it. My friend borrowed me the books and I just couldn’t stop reading them.

I went to see the film with my dad when it first came out and though it was different from the book I still really enjoyed it. I really liked the concepts of daemons and dust and just the whole universe as a whole and it really piqued my interest in fantasy books. I’m definitely going to reread it soon and I’d recommend it to anybody whose interested in the fantasy genre or just anybody interested in something really fun to read.